NTT Communication uses AI technology to create digital human

Mar 18, 2023

Tokyo (Japan), Mar 18 (ANI): Japanese firm, NTT Communications, has presented its latest achievement in the form of a cooperative project called "Open Hub". This project aims to solve the problems of decreasing labor power, succession of skill, and diversity of work style. Since its establishment in October 2021, Open Hub has grown to a group of 1,300 companies, 3,000 researchers, and 400 NTT staff. They are called "catalysts," which loosely translates to "connecting people. With the help of digital human technology, NTT Com has developed a human-like face and talking avatar called "CONN". She is the 401th Catalyst. Her face is composed of nine NTT Com catalysts. Her voice and motion are produced by AI. Catalyst Ms. Conn will be appearing at events, shows, company receptions, and clothing stores in the near future. The name is "Mobile Space Statistics." On the display, a wide landscape and explanation of place are reflected. Through this application, viewers can get statistics on each day’s population, gender, age, and where they came from. Out of town? Out of city? Out of prefecture? Those data will be useful for various businesses. The fusion of virtual space and real space is progressing. Setting the virtual glass, people can get virtual space’s information with a real image of their avatar. Its avatar will navigate to the destination of the real world. NTT Com’s Open Hub hopes to accelerate cooperation beyond borders, which will contribute in building a better society.