Orbital photos at BRICS Universe Exhibition leaves audience spellbound

Feb 23, 2024

Moscow (Russia), Feb 23 (ANI/ TV BRICS): The "Rings" from Moscow and "Wings" of Brazil the Russian cosmonauts regularly send "greetings" from the orbit. Dozens of unique photos of cities in Russia, China, India, Brazil and South Africa were shown at the BRICS Universe exhibition. You are offered to look at the cities from different angles. Like through the eyes of an astronaut, how the earth looks from the height of 400 kilometres or through the lenses of local reporters on the streets. Together with the landscapes of the BRICS countries, the UNESCO World Heritage sites are in the frame. Some people like the Taj Mahal visible right from space, otherwise some areas are a bit harder to spot. Active cooperation in the space sector is one of the key areas of cooperation between the BRICS countries. At the summit in Johannesburg, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed that the BRICS countries create a space consortium for joint extraterrestrial research.