PM Modi deems 'Yuva Shakti' as driving force behind India's development journey

Jan 28, 2023

New Delhi, Jan 28 (ANI): Crediting the youth of India as the country’s driving force behind India’s development journey, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on January 28 in Delhi said that India’s time has come. Calling the youth full of energy, enthusiasm, and dreams, the PM further dubbed them the means to fulfil country’s goals. The PM was extolling India’s ‘Yuva’ at the NCC Rally in Delhi. “Youth are the driving force to run a nation. Youth is full of energy, enthusiasm, and dreams. This is the time for new opportunities for the youth of India. Everyone is saying that India’s time has arrived. Whole world is looking towards India and the biggest reason for this is India’s youth. 'Yuva Shakti' is the driving force of India's development journey,” the PM said.