Pune accident: “He had no fault…” Victims’ families break into tears; demand justice

May 21, 2024

Umaria (Madhya Pradesh), May 21 (ANI): Followed by the tragic Pune accident and ongoing investigation process, Anis Awadhiya’s family expressed grief over the tragic loss of Anis on May 21 in Madhya Pradesh’s Umaria. In the early hours of May 19, two individuals, Ashwini Koshta and Anis Awadhiya lost their lives after a luxury car collided with their motorcycle near Kalyani Nagar in Pune. Speaking to ANI, Anis’ mother Savita Soni expressed grief and said, “Somebody please give me back my son. He had no fault. His friends called at night and said Anis met with an accident and his condition is serious. He was doing job in Pune for the past two to three years. He was also financing his younger brother’s education; how will we manage everything now? Speaking to ANI, Anis’ father Om Prakash Awadhia said, “He talked to his mother two days before the accident about his foreign trip for work. On the night of 19 May suddenly her mother’s phone rang and we got the news of his accident, we were asked to come to Pune immediately. How can we go to Pune all of a sudden? The car that caused the accident was worth crores of rupees. Police and government were not cooperative.” Giving her reaction, Ashwini Koshta’s mother said, “First of all the parents should get punished for the upbringings that they are giving to their son. If anything like this doesn’t happen further law and police officials should investigate and take action. Our girl won’t come back. So we want no house has to go through something like this. On Sunday their son got bail within 4 hours when it is said that on Sunday everything remains shut. I just investigation to be carried out correctly.”