“The question is irrelevant…” Shashi Tharoor weighs in on ‘Modi vs Who’ debate

Apr 03, 2024

New Delhi, April 03 (ANI): As Lok Sabha election draws near, political rivalry has intensified between BJP-led NDA and opposition INDIA bloc. While Opposition targets Centre over arrest of CM Kejriwal and other issues, BJP has intensified ‘Modi Ki Guarantee’ campaign. As BJP, Congress remain locked in heated debate on PM Modi’s alternative, Shashi Tharoor has weighed in. Taking to X, Shashi Tharoor claimed that in Parliamentary system this debate “is irrelevant” as it is not Presidential elections. Tharoor further asserted that the alternative to Mr Modi is “a group of experienced, capable and diverse Indian leaders”. Shashi Tharoor on April 3 filed his nomination from Thiruvananthapuram constituency for Lok Sabha election 2024.