Recent Census shows increased population of endangered Hangul at Dachigam National Park

Mar 22, 2023

Srinagar (J&K), March 22 (ANI): In a recent Census conducted at Kashmir’s Dachigam National Park, it was found that the population of Hangul or Kashmiri Stag has gradually increased over time at the national park as the sighting of the herd of Hangul along with fawns were observed. "Groups of students, NGOs are taking rounds in the national park. We have sighted herds of Hangul along with fawns. Sighting fawns is a good sign as this reflects the possibility of the rising population. There is a hope of seeing better Hangul population in future," Shabir, the Group leader said. The week-long Census was concluded with data collection, as per Altaf Hussain, Wild Life Warden, Central Kashmir, new numbers of Hangul population will soon be released along with certain recommendations. "We have collected the data, this data will be evaluated scientifically and within 2-3 months, new numbers will be released along with the recommendations," said Altaf Hussain. "People say that sighting a Hangul is a myth but students, scholars, researchers, experts etc who are participating in the Census themselves have sighted herds of Hangul in the park," said Altaf Hussain. The week-long Census was conducted by Kashmir’s wildlife department in the national park. Teams comprising researchers, scholars, students and other people belonging to different government and non-governmental organisations participated in the exercise under the supervision of wildlife experts.