Relics of Lord Buddha, 2 Disciples on sacred journey from India, to be showcased in Thailand

Feb 22, 2024

New Delhi, February 22 (ANI): In a historic event, the revered relics of Lord Buddha, and his disciples embarked on a sacred journey to Thailand from India. The relics’ journey to Thailand will provide devotees and enthusiasts with the chance to honour these revered artifacts. Lord Buddha’s relics will be displayed in Thailand as part of a 26-day exposition starting February 22. This is the first time that the holy relics of Lord Buddha and his disciples Arahata Sariputra and Arahata Maudgalayana will be showcased together. These relics hold immense significance for Buddhists worldwide. Monks received the relics of Lord Buddha from the National Museum in Delhi and will be transported via a special IAF aircraft.