Sri Lankan Airlines CEO Richard Nuttall appreciates India's support in running airlines during COVID-19 crisis

Jan 31, 2023

New Delhi, January 31 (ANI): The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sri Lankan Airlines, Richard Nuttall on January 31 appreciated India’s support in running their airlines during the COVID-19 crisis. “Sri Lankans understand service and there's a real hospitality that works very well in Indian markets. India is a source of tourists for Sri Lanka. India is important to the airline,” said Richard Nuttall on how India helped the country’s airlines running under challenges amid the crisis.He said, “We are uniquely positioned. We're right off the toe of India. For people going East, there is no airline that is better geographically placed to take advantage.”“We ran the whole network using tech stops in India in July-August and ran basically a full schedule. Many thanks to all the support that we got from India, from the airports, from the fuel companies, and from the civil aviation authorities,” he added.