“Very important…” Austro-India Association Chief Radha Anjali on PM Modi’s historic Austria visit

Jul 09, 2024

Vienna (Austria), July 09 (ANI): Radha Anjali, Bharatanatyam dancer and President of the Austro-India Association expressed delight over PM Modi’s Austria visit from July 9-10. Expressing enthusiasm for the visit she highlighted that the visit would be “very important” in strengthening relations and friendship between the two countries. Speaking to ANI, on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Austria, Radha Anjali said, “We are excited (for PM Modi) and I think it is very good and very important for the relation of the two countries and to build up the friendship more which has been there in past, but maybe we can build up more friendship for the future...The Austro - Indian Association for the last 60 years has been working for the friendship between the two countries on different levels and we just recently had our 60th anniversary. I have been the president since 2008 and the work, we are doing is to promote Indian culture in Austria with dance performances, concerts, lectures and information about India. Also when we go to India as Austrians and because I perform there also with my dance group, it's something that we can present in India from Austria...” Notably, PM Modi’s visit marks a historic occasion, as it will be the first time an Indian Prime Minister has visited Austria in 41 years. Currently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a two-day official visit to Russia. He will hold the 22nd India-Russia Annual Summit with President Putin in Moscow.