“We are stronger together against…” French Envoy Emmanuel Lenain eulogises India-France relations

Jan 30, 2023

New Delhi, Jan 30 (ANI): Eulogising the ties between India and France, Ambassador of France to India Emmanuel Lenain on January 30 said that India and France are strong together against any friends.“With India, we have great co-operation. We have been training, great naval exercise ‘Varuna’ where two navies year after year learnt how to be even more interoperable to work together and tackle common challenges and that’s test the spirit of partnership between two countries. We feel that we are ‘stronger together’ against any friends,” Lenain said.He added, “Friends for years has been sharing its best technologies with India. We have been pioneering the best in terms of Make in India and working together with the next system and next technologies and we are very much ready to do that.”