Yamaha Motor declares participation in Formula E, aiming to contribute to carbon neutrality

Apr 19, 2024

Tokyo (Japan), April 19 (ANI): Yamaha Motor, a leading Japanese company, has pledged its support for Carbon Neutral 2050 within the Formula E World Championship arena. In a strategic move in March, Yamaha forged a partnership with Lola Cars in the UK to collaboratively develop and supply powertrains for Formula E. The primary aim of this partnership is to design and deliver powertrains, encompassing crucial components such as engines, shafts, and transmissions, essential for generating locomotive power. By concentrating on the development of more efficient and environmentally-friendly powertrains for Formula E vehicles, Yamaha is actively contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions in motorsports and the advancement of cleaner energy technologies. An engineer from Yamaha elaborated on the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing its role in driving innovation towards a sustainable future in racing. Yamaha's UK partner, Lola Cars, emphasized the significance of this collaboration. The Formula E organizers express deep gratitude for their active involvement. Yamaha Motor's decision to leverage its electric motor technology for Formula racing marks a significant milestone. This strategic move not only mirrors the escalating trend toward electrification in the automotive sector but also underscores the company's steadfast dedication to innovation and sustainability. The Formula E race held in Tokyo at the end of March marks a significant milestone in Japan's journey towards embracing electric clean energy.