Yokohama City hosts innovation promotion event, bold step towards future

Feb 22, 2024

Yokohama (Japan), Jan 21 (ANI): Yokohama city is well known for being a welcoming and alluring destination for tourists. However, the city is developing into a more innovative metropolis as well as a popular tourist destination. Recently, Yokohama City hosted an innovation promotion event with the help of 140 businesses, organisations and educational institutions. The main goals of the event were to address social issues, adapt to future social situations, and spread cutting-edge knowledge among youngsters and adults alike. Algae are also the food base for almost all aquatic life. The JFE Engineering staff explains and navigates growing algae. It aims to share knowledge about how algae contributes to the environment. Children, who took part, received kits for growing algae. The kids paid attention to the noise produced when an electric current passes through fruits. Family members also shared first-hand experience with electricity science. This seminar aimed to introduce successful innovation for future entrepreneurs. In the seminar, government staff recommended challenging and unprecedented issues. A successful Japanese lady in Singapore introduced the differences between Singapore and Japan. Future cutting-edge technology was shown in various places in Minatomirai, Yokohama, and a large number of people, including children and the elderly, enjoyed it. A driverless EV car runs on the road as a demonstration experiment. It is 25 km/h, level 2, with 8 passengers. Yokohama is now developing into a forward-thinking metropolis that embraces social issues and the aspirations of its citizens.