"Not joining Congress party...": Senior politician D Srinivas writes to Kharge

Mar 27, 2023

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], March 27 : Senior politician Dharmapuri Srinivas on Monday cleared the air around rumours of him joining Congress and said that he visited the Congress party office for his son joining the party and to bless him adding that he himself is not joining the party and appealed not to drag him into controversies as he is suffering from a health condition.
On Sunday D Srinivas visited the Congress party office with his son D Sanjay.
While speaking to ANI on Sunday, D Srinivas mentioned that his son is joining the Congress party.
D Srinivas on Monday wrote a letter to Indian National Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge and stated, "On March 26, on account of my son D Sanjay's rejoining the Congress party, I went to Gandhi Bhavan to bless him. But, I was also covered with Congress party's scarf and it was reported in the media that I too had joined the party again. I will always remain a Congressman. But, due to my old age and health conditions, I chose to stay away from active politics."
"It is not appropriate to link issuing of the ticket to Sanjay with my joining the party. It is not unknown to us that in Congress, tickets are allocated based on the rules, traditions and public popularity," the letter added.
"I am appealing not to drag me into controversies as I am away from active politics due to my health conditions. If you still feel that I have rejoined the Congress party, please accept this letter as my resignation," the letter further stated.
Dharmapuri Vijayalakshmi, wife of D Srinivas has also written a letter and said, "This is not the time for politics! This is also not the way you get him into the party. He suffered a brain stroke and is also paralyzed. Please, don't use him for your politics."
"Yesterday, he suffered seizures due to the stress you've put him under. I request the Congress party with folded hands! Don't ever come here again. At this age, while suffering from health conditions, allow him to lead a little peaceful life."