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Nov 19, 2021

New Delhi [India], November 19 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and short-term disruptions, the real estate industry may have been hit hard, but its speedy recovery shows great signs of resilience.
According to a recent industry report, institutional investments in the Indian real estate sector grew by 21 percent during the first quarter of 2021. Even during the pandemic, there was a steady flow of $4.8 billion investments in the sector, as per the recent data.
Be it purchasing or selling, levelling up from unimproved to improved, whether owned by a corporate entity, a government, or by any private party, real estate involves a lot of facets. The said industry is divided into multiple specialities.
Considered as the most feasible and prudent option for investment in India, real estate investment is a long-term investment that cannot be easily altered. However, this aspect also heightens several risks, as such purchases involve a huge sum of money, and sometimes one might not even get the expected or pleasing returns.
There are a lot of trends that surfaced in recent times, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The market is driven by the introduction of strategies that generate demand with developers offering numerous lucrative schemes and giving the incentive to engage in property purchases to customers. In residential categories, the ready-to-move-in apartments have noted the highest demand among buyers.
The Gap
Online businesses are taking the industries to the next level. Though it is widely acceptable and most viable, real estate investment can sometimes be a little tricky. Managing customer expectations for an online business has been taken as the highest concern, be it any industry.
When one thinks of Real estate, the one thing that usually comes to a common man's mind is that the investment in Real estate is only for people with deep pockets. Although it is true that purchases related here involve a huge amount of money, it is not always the case, and this investment is open for a normal person too.
Till now, there is no platform that guarantees a hundred percent online transactions. In the age when most of the work is completed online, is it not convenient to have this aspect in something as prudent and largely accepted investment? There was a gap to be filled by a platform that can help investors and make the whole process safe and efficient.
Overcoming barriers with ProperT Online
ProperT Online is a tech-driven property investment platform that makes real estate investment affordable and safe. ProperT aims to be the next-generation platform for investing, selling, and buying real-world Real estate with a gaming experience.
Fractional Ownership is opening a myriad of avenues for new-age investors to participate in new opportunities at a fraction of the cost. As per data, only less than 10% of properties that apply for listing pass through their due diligence. The platform also makes it convenient to invest in real estate. Investors can start investing at as low as INR 10,000 which makes it possible for almost any person to invest in real estate through ProperT.
To offer fractional ownership, the team at ProperT scans each asset and uses big data analytics, predictive algorithms, and conservative financial models to provide a safe investment opportunity to investors. As a result, commercial investors enjoy the opportunity of minimised risk with optimised returns from regular rental yield and capital appreciation.
ProperTLand - The real estate metaverse
The ProperTLand Metaverse Infrastructure is the digital twin, of the real world, with the immersive gaming experience to explore properties for investment.
The virtual world lets the audience choose and invest at the convenience of their house or office. Now, a user can explore any property virtually before investing in any asset. This platform leverages the power of real estate blockchain technology and smart contracts to offer users shares of property across the globe. The transaction is not only transparent but is secure as well.
"We pay close attention to changes in the market, to regulatory overhauls and updates, and to novel capabilities facilitated by new technology. When we see an opportunity to give our investors access to a new kind of investment on our platform, we're determined to tap into our powers of innovation and develop a way to make it possible," said Shubhaum Guptha, CEO, ProperT Online.
Even though there are endless ways to invest and generate income, owning a property will always be considered a long-term investment option. Considering the pace of digital adoption, ProperT is going to play a huge role in revamping the conventional methods of investment in real estate in the coming Future.
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