Visakhapatnam: Villagers stage protest with a dead body against Gangavaram port management

Feb 13, 2024

Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh) [India], February 13 : The villagers and relatives of a worker who allegedly died due to stomach ache staged a protest in front of Gangavaram port gate with the deceased's body, demanding justice.
The deceased has been identified as Apparao.
The relatives of the deceased alleged that Gangavaram village is polluted every day with port pollution of Orion ore and coal and due to this, the villagers are getting sick.
They also alleged that the management of Ganagavaram port hasn't built a hospital for workers and villagers. Every company in India has a hospital. The workers working in the company are said to provide medical services to the workers' families but there is no hospital related to Adani Gangavaram Port here.
"Villagers of Gangavaram gave land for Gangavaram port. The management of Adani Gangavaram port is playing games with our lives. Gangavaram port authorities don't care how many times we (villagers) have staged dharnas," the villagers alleged.
They demanded the management provide medical assistance for the villagers and provide financial assistance to the family of the deceased.