Thanksgiving 2022: Decoration tips for your home feast

Nov 23, 2022

Washington [US], November 23 : Thanksgiving is around the corner! this national holiday of the United States is commemorated in Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, and other countries as the official start of the holiday season.
Thanksgiving Day is celebrated in the United States every year on the fourth Thursday in November.
Americans commemorate this special day to express gratitude to God for providing them with each meal. This year's festival will take place on Thursday, November 24.
Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally served with turkey, potatoes, cranberries, bread stuffing, and pumpkin pie. As families get together to celebrate this day with a full feast, it is one of the busiest holidays.

Thanksgiving brings people together to share a meal and spend the day together. It is typically marked with great pomp and ceremony in many areas of the world.
Thanksgiving's primary tenets are thankfulness, charity, and community. Countries like Germany and Japan also observe festivities of a similar nature. The Thanksgiving dinner is the festival's main draw. It features pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving turkey as the main course and was lovingly prepared. Usually, it is enjoyed by everyone at home.
Additionally, people host Thanksgiving gatherings to which they invite their loved ones. Decorating the house in autumnal hues is a must for the season. The fall season is reflected in the colour scheme, which includes darker tones of orange, green, red, yellow, and brown. As the holiday of November 24 draws closer, we've put up a list of home-decorating tips you can use to spruce up your home.

1. Pumpkins:
Pumpkins rank among the top seasonal decoration ingredients since Halloween. For 'Thanksgiving' decorations, they can also be cut out or utilised as props.
2. Centerpiece:
The decoration must include a centrepiece with a Thanksgiving theme. It is frequently set on the dinner table and is typically compact, low, and aesthetically pleasing to enhance the party atmosphere.

3. Tablecloth:
The tablecloth used for the Thanksgiving meal should also evoke the occasion. The fall season's flower designs or typically bright colours can make for fantastic decorations.

4. Place cards:
Each guest to the house should be given a location to go, and the cards should serve as their directions. You may create your own DIY Thanksgiving cards by keeping the holiday spirit in mind.

5. Wreath: A Thanksgiving wreath is one of the key elements of the holiday's decor and is typically hung on the front entrance to greet visitors.
In America, Thanksgiving is not complete without a turkey dinner. It is a part of the customary feast to include the bird. In addition, each Thanksgiving, the President of the United States of America performs a ritual. They pardon the Thanksgiving turkey on the morning of the celebration.